Basic activity

The basic activity of Alpos is production of metal products and equipment, based on our own development, specialized  knowledge  and  strategic  planning.  Alpos sells and markets its products in more than twenty European countries. Effective foreign trade network allows for an extremely widespread international sales and distribution network, while also enabling establishment of new partnerships and solid strategic connections.

business principles

Excellence, responsibility and flexibility have for decades been  our  essential  business  principles.  Among our  most  important  competitive  advantages  are  our knowledge of tool production in the field of metallurgy and  extensive  experience  of  production  of  tubes,  hollow  sections,  special  profiles,  open  profiles  and  steel sheets


Quality is constantly being proven by our success on markets and by ensuring all the appropriate certificates of products and production. The whole of Alpos’ metallurgy production is carried out in accordance with the ISO 9001 quality system. All materials meet the demanding European standards, and Alpos purchases these materials from the most renowned European and global steel manufacturers. Principles of responsible environmental management are faithfully observed during all stages of production of Alpos’ metallurgy products.

Video presentation

Tubes, hollow sections and sheets metal are at the core  of  the  activities  of  the  company  and  the  group, which is considered to be an important supplier of metallurgy products in Europe. Alpos is a renowned trademark, known for excellent black steel welded tubes and sheet metal made from hot rolled coils, as well as special hollow sections, used in the construction industry. Alpos  produces  metallurgy  products  of  various  cross sections, dimensions and levels of thickness. Production capacities along  with  market  success  puts  Alpos among the ten largest European suppliers of such products and onto the very top in the region of South-eastern Europe.

Alpos competitiveness in the field of metallurgy is based on short delivery times and a high level of flexibility, which is proven by the variety of products and their quantities.  With experience, connections  with  our  own tool making shop, numerous rationalizations and modernizations taking place within the group, Alpos maintains the optimal correlation between quality and prices of smaller orders as well. In order to be successful at fulfilling orders and to ensure proper transparency of the whole procedure, we  also  rely  on  appropriate  computerization that allows for precise monitoring of all parameters of production.

Future development in  the  field  of  tube  production is  pointing  Alpos  into  the  direction  of  specialization  of production and introducing more demanding products. Alpos’ synergy of all of its activities remains its special advantage.